Long Sutton Parish Magazine

March 2017


Lent , Spring ,

Mothering Sunday

There is a lot going on not forgetting the Flower Festival.


Its busy there is no doubt at this time of year.  If we start with Lent then think about the posting on Long Sutton St Marys Facebook page.

What if we took Lent as a chance to stop, breathe, ask who we really are, what we are doing with our time on this planet, and what we might actually be willing to die for?

A bit heavy do you think, a bit over the top, may be?   Simple thoughts though, Lent is a long time, 6 weeks.  Spring is going to happen and the flowers are starting to appear despite the glum weather and whatever we think about it. To me and many others the spring flowers come as a surprise, they seem to spring from nowhere and yet they have been growing away since the dark days of winter.  I, we have been too busy to notice what has been going on all around in nature.

Mothering Sunday is a joyful time but,(  and there is always a but, ) for some and for many it will be tinged with sadness.  For many, mothers who have passed on, past joys which can never be repeated.  For many the sharing of joy because spring is just so lovely a time.

What would we be prepared to die for?  A tough question in spring time.  So easy to forget that Jesus died in spring with his mother at his feet.  Mothers have a tough time and we expect them to be tough to handle everything and not mind.  Generally speaking we assume that they simply will be there and simply won’t mind whatever difficult or disaster comes before them.

The thought of taking Lent as a time to stop and breathe and think of how do we make Mothering Sunday a time of happiness for our mothers or for those who just need cheering up.   A time for looking at Spring as a new beginning and a new start. 

Then there is the Flower Festival which is hard work and enjoyment all rolled up into one thing. 

You may have been going to church often and the Eucharist no longer shocks you. So it’s a good idea to remember how shocking it was for the early church to hear that they should feed on the body and the blood of their master Jesus.  This teaching caused many to turn away even though they heard it direct from Jesus.

There is a lot going on and there is a lot for us to think about.

Fr Jonathan Vicar Long Sutton St Mary

Shrove Tuesday party

There will be our annual Shrove Tuesday party 6.30 p.m. for 7.00 p.m. 28th February in the church hall.  Tickets from Enid Pearson and Shirley Santry.

The entertainment will be the well-known local group “The Two Dollies”.  All welcome



1st March

Do make the start of Lent and Ash Wednesday a priority as we move into the five weeks of Lent.

Service at 9.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. of Holy Communion

At the services we can receive the sign of the cross and what Christ will and does do for us by dying on the cross for us and the sins of the World.


The Pilgrim Course:  The Eucharist

We do not know for certain whether or not the Last Supper Jesus held with his disciples on the night he was betrayed was a Passover meal, but it is likely.  Throughout his ministry Jesus certainly had special fellowship meals with his disciples and he had the habit of breaking bread and sharing it.  It was this characteristic action that opened the eyes of two disciples to his identity at Emmaus after his resurrection.  At the Last Supper in the Upper Room, as Jesus broke the bread and blessed God for the wine, he associated these things with his own imminent death and thereby gave to them a spiritual significance that continues to shape the Christian community.

Session one:     Your ancestors ate manna in the wilderness           11

Session two:     This is my body broken for you                                  21

Session three:  He was made known to them in the breaking of the bread                                                                                     29

Session four:    If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and eat with you                                                     39

Session five      Do this to remember me                                             47

Session six:      I am the bread of life                                                   55

Course booklets are available @ £4.50 each from either Fr. Jonathan Sibley (St, Mary’s, St. Nicholas & Christchurch) or Revd. Nic Hasnip (Long Sutton Baptist church)

Study times include discussion, videos and audios, and are as follows:-

10.30 a.m. St. Mary’’s Church    

7.30p.m. The Baptist Church

Lent Study [1]  Wed 22nd February

Your ancestors ate manna in the wilderness

Ash Wednesday

Wed 1st March    7.30 p.m. service @ St. Mary’s

Lent Study [2]  Wed 8th March

This is my broken body for you

Followed by

12.15 Lent light lunch @ The Baptist church

Lent Study [3]  Wed 15th March

He was made known to them in the breaking of the bread

Lent Study [4]  Wed 22nd March

If you hear my voice and open the door I will come in and eat with you

Followed by

12.15 p.m.  Lent light lunch @ St. Mary’s Church Hall

Lent Study [5]  Wed 29th March

Do this to remember me

Lent Study [6]  Wed 5th April

I am the bread of life

Followed by

12.15 p.m.  Lent light lunch @ the Baptist Church

St Marys Parish AGM     Advance Notice

7.30pm Tuesday 4th April in Long Sutton Market House.

Ash Wednesday


Our keeping of Lent this year starts on Ash Wednesday 1st March with services of Ashing at 9.30a.m. and 7.30 p.m. in St. Mary’s Church.


Mothering  Sunday 26th March

There will be Holy Communion at 8.00 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. and all children will have posies of flowers for their mothers. 

Thank you to those who prepare them.  During the 10.30 a.m. service the uniformed organisations, will take part. They will also parade and present their colours, flags and standards.   All welcome.


Wednesday 8th March in the church hall at 2.30p.m. A.G.M.

BD06244_T. & C. GROUP

This month T. & C. meets on Thursday 16th March at 2.00 p.m..  The tea and chat group welcomes anyone who is recently bereaved or who would like an afternoon of good company with tea, cakes and people who understand. 

Lifts can be arranged.  Call Fr. Jonathan on 362033 or Carole Little for more information on 363439. 


Friday 3rd March

2.30 p.m. at St. Mary’s parish church. This year the material is provided by the ladies from the Philippines. Jeanne Sibley will be leading the service.


They are for anyone who would like to get out and have a simple lunch of soup, bread and cheese and a pudding with others in St. Mary’s church hall.

ALL WELCOME – do bring friends     9th March      and      12th April      Thank you to all those who provide them from St. Mary’s and Long Sutton Baptist church.


Like last year, the Mission Steering Group for the Benefice and Baptist church have continued our focussed mission and outreach.

On Thursday 9th March we will be showing a film ‘Is God Dead? 2, a sequel to that which we showed last year ‘Is God Dead?’

There will be two showings:-

2.00 p.m. in St. Mary’s Church Hall and

7.00 p.m. at the Baptist Church

Refreshments will be available – popcorn will be extra.  Do come along and bring your friends.  Then later on in the summer on Friday 30th June the illusionist and premier magician Steve Price will spend the day with us.  In the afternoon he will be at Long Sutton primary school and then in the evening he will give a double performance of his repertoire in the church hall at 7.30 p.m.

On the Saturday, 1st July, at lunchtime there will be a BBQ in Cinder Ash.  We hope there will be a Christian musical concert on Sunday afternoon at the Baptist church.

All welcome –do put the dates in your diary now.  More details later.



It might seem a long way off but St. Mary’s church celebrates its 850th anniversary of its foundation in 2020.

In 1170 although the Cluniac monks built St. Mary’s they were originally commissioned to build the church by Nicola De Haigh in 1134 by legal charter (there was Civil War in England during this time).  The foundation stones were laid in the year the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas a Becket was murdered in his cathedral.  It has been decided to celebrate St. Mary’s foundation by a series of events during the year 2020 as well as working towards funding improvements in the church including a kitchen and toilet .  We already use this area regularly for meetings and refreshments.

A working group has been set up to develop ideas and initial plans have been discussed and agreed by the PCC.  These plans include a number of different fundraising events during 2017.  If you have any thoughts about how to celebrate please let Geoff Palmer and Fr. Jonathan know. 

2020 continued….

The outline drawings will be at the back of the church during March.  There will be an auction in July and Dr. Francis Prior of Time Team will talk in November about Long Sutton.



Sunday 5th March

Lent 1

8.00am Holy Communion

10.30am Parish Communion
Sidespeople:  8.00am Gill Fensom  10.30am Martin and Pauline Dickinson      Reader Paul Sayers          Intercessor v Fr Bob   Readings Gen 2: 15 – 17  3: 7  Roms 5: 12-19                 

 Gospel Matt  4: 1-11


Wednesday 8th  Bishop Edward King


 9.30am  Holy Communion


Sunday 12th March          

Lent 2

8.00am Holy Communion

10.30am  Parish Communion
Sidespeople:  8.00am Martin Dickinson 

10.30am Jo Worley Edna Goodale  

Reader Shirley Santry              Intercessor  Pat Anderson  Readings Gen 12: 1-4  Roms 4: 1-5, 13-17

Gospel John 3: 1-17  


 Wednesday  15th March    

 9.30am  Holy Communion


Sunday 19th March   

Lent 3

8.00am Holy Communion

10.30am Parish Communion
Sidespeople:  8.00am Gill Fensom   10.30am Tessa Warwick  Carol Little   Reader Jeanne Sibley                 Intercessor Pat Anderson         Readings Ex 17: 1-7  Roms 5: 1-11    

 Gospel  John 4: 5-42


 Wednesday 22nd March 

 9.30am  Holy Communion


Sunday 26th March  

Mothering Sunday


8.00am Holy Communion 

10.30am  Parish Communion

Sidespeople   8.00am   Martin Dickinson    10.30am Carol Little Cliff Taylor

Reader  Rodney Cullingford              Intercessor  Thelma Brewington            Readings  Ex 24: 12 to end  2 Peter 1: 16 to end                   Gospel Matt 17: 1-9   


Wednesday 1st March


9.30am  Holy Communion


 Sunday  2nd April 

Passion Sunday


8.00am Holy Communion 

10.30am  Parish Communion

Sidespeople   8.00am   Gill Fensom      10.30am Jo Worley  Edna  Goodale

Reader  Sandra Deacon Billington               Intercessor  Fr Bob            Readings  Ez 37: 1- 14  Roms  8: 6-11.            

Gospel John 11: 1-45




Several people are already thinking about exploring the meaning of confirmation for them this year .How about you?  Do let Fr. Jonathan know of your interest.

From the Registers


5th February                  Thomas Stannard

26th February               Connor Ward


15th February               Christopher Jackson

21st February                Frankie Jo Smith

1st March                       John Parkinson

Interment of Ashes

28th February               Norma Gore

5th March                      Elizabeth Weighman

Bishop Edward King    8th March

Victorian Bishop of Lincoln.  Today we celebrate this quite pivotal Bishop of Lincoln who transformed the Church of England in worship, teaching and pastoral care.  Helped by the spread of the railways he was able to visit all the parishes of the vast rural diocese of Lincoln.  In doing so he enabled the church to be seen as very much part of ordinary life and concerned for ordinary people.  He also transformed theological education and the training  of men going forward for ordination.  The two training colleges Cuddesdon  and St. Stephens in Oxford were set up by him.  He also re-established the diocesan preaching modern ministry of the Reader after a gap of several hundred years.  His maxim was: “I wish to see more Christ like Christians in Lincolnshire”

He was laid to rest in the cloisters of Lincoln Cathedral following his death on 8th March

Flower Festival 2017 – 22ND APRIL TO 1ST MAY

Over the past weeks our dedicated flower team have begun to think about this year’s festival.  The theme they have decided upon is:-


Your imagination is as good as mine as to what will develop from the dots.  The charitable donation this coming year will be towards our “new parish room to be, toilet and kitchenette”.

Do keep their endeavours in your prayers as they prepare and work towards this year’s festival.  The Preachers for our Sunday festival Eucharist’s on 23rd and 30th April will be

·        Louise Davis Assistant Director of Rural Studies.  Arthur Rank Centre


·        The Rev Dr  Rowan Williams Master of Magdalene Cambridge and former Archbishop of Canterbury



Our focus in 2017 will be Mental Health on 28th March led by Dr. Rowan Williams when the Lincs Well Being and Clinical Commissions plan for the county will be launched. 

On Thursday 12th October the theme will be “the consequences of Brexit for Lincolnshire” with Gary Porter and colleague. 

Do put the dates in your diary now. 

The March meeting starts at 10.00 a.m. and includes a buffet lunch at the Market House please let Fr Jonathan know if you are able to come.

Lincolnshire Town and Villages photo competition

Open for entries 1st Feb – 15th July

Adult & Junior sections.  Cash prizes

More details contact 366767 or email: angela.mhpg3@btinternet.com

Next meeting Wednesday 8th March  – 7.30 p.m. at the Market House. 


Market House Photography Group

Novice Group Sessions    

Mon 6th Mar                                       Mon 10th Apr

Thurs 23rd Mar                                   Thurs 27th Apr

Mon 3rd Apr                                        Mon 8th May

Complete course £15, single session £3.50

The Parish Magazine is published on our websites



FACEBOOK – Check out  Long Sutton St. Mary on Facebook page


Agape Care Foodbank is a social enterprise project of the Light/House church. The vision is to serve the community by providing emergency food for people in crisis in the Spalding and South Holland area.  The project provides a minimum of three days non-perishable emergency food to local people in crisis.  All food given out is donated by the local community.  It works in partnership with frontline care professionals to identify people in need.  Volunteers from local churches and the community partner with us to support this project.  We care  *we share*  We’re there.

South East Lincolnshire Local Plan 2011-2036: Publication Version Consultation

Preparation of the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan is almost complete and we will soon be undertaking a final (statutory) round of consultation on the Plan, under Regulations 19 and 20 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. We would be grateful if you could publicise this consultation for us in your next parish magazine or newsletter.

The consultation period will run from Monday 10th April to Monday 22nd May 2017 and it will be the last chance for residents to comment on the Local Plan before it is submitted to the Secretary of State in the summer. This consultation will be different to previous ones undertaken in that the comments made must relate to whether the Local Plan is ‘sound’ and complies with legal and procedural requirements. As a consequence there will not be any public exhibitions at village halls as has previously occurred.  A guidance note will be available to view on our website (http://southeastlincslocalplan.org/) from 10th April, which sets out advice on how to respond to the consultation.

We will be publishing a number of documents for consultation including the Publication Version of the Local Plan, the Policies Map, Sustainability Appraisal, Statement of Consultation and other supporting documents. The documents will be available to view on http://southeastlincslocalplan.org/, in the area’s libraries, mobile libraries and the council offices in Boston and Spalding from 10th April.  An online consultation portal (where we would prefer comments to be made) will also be available at http://southeastlincslocalplan.org/consultation from the 10th April.


Comments must be received by 5pm on Monday 22nd May. All comments received will be submitted to the Secretary of State and considered as part of an independent Examination in Public by a Planning Inspector.

For further information, please contact the Local Planning team at southeastlincslocalplan@sholland.gov.uk or on 01775 764476.


The Macmillan Hub at the Long Sutton Market House.

There will soon be a new drop in afternoon if you would like to call in for cup of tea and a chat . If you have any concerns about cancer or would just like someone to chat to, keep a look out for the posters telling you when  then drop ins will start on a Friday afternoon .

You can contact your

Macmillan Lead Volunteer/s on:

Yvonne James 07540760810


March Astronomy   - Andrew Richens.

This month, the moon will help us to locate two planets in the evening sky just after sunset. The planet Mercury is the inner most planet within our solar system and so it never strays far from the Sun – always staying close to the horizon at dawn or dusk.  Mercury is the smallest planet within our Solar System, it is less than one and a half times larger than the Moon. Similarly, it’s surface is rocky and covered in craters. However, rather than being cold like the Moon which has an average temperature of -23 degrees Centigrade, Mercury’s temperatures swing wildly around. At night, it is a rather chilly -190 degrees Centigrade but by daylight the temperature soars to over 470 degrees. With no atmosphere and a constant bombardment of solar radiation, the chance of anything ever living on Mercury is close to zero.  If you look to the west, near to the horizon on Wednesday 29th (about twenty minutes or so after sunset), see if you can spot a very thin crescent moon. The lunar surface will only be 3% illuminated and so it won’t be immediately obvious. To the right of the moon will be the planet Mercury. A little above the moon you will see an orange star-like object. This is the planet Mars.

Mars is about half the diameter of the Earth but weighs about one tenths the mass. Although average temperatures on Mars are around -50 degrees, in the summer this can rise to 20 degrees; a typical summer temperature in Long Sutton! Mars has a thin atmosphere and evidence shows that, on occasions, liquid water can be briefly found on the surface. Study of rock formations on Mars shows strong evidence that in the distant past Mars was covered in oceans and ice glaciers. In theory, simple life such as bacteria could have existed in such an environment. However, the oceans dried up approximately one billion years ago so it is unlikely that any microbial life has clung on for so long, but it is possible. Robotic rovers are currently exploring the surface of Mars looking for any fossil evidence or current evidence of life on Mars.

Further afield, last month NASA announced the discovery of a planetary system 39 light years away. The system contains seven Earth-like planets, three of which are located within the habitable zone (the correct distance away from the star to allow for liquid water to be present on the planet surface). This is particularly exiting since the star in question, TRAPPIST-1, is a dwarf star. Our Sun has a life expectancy of about 10 billion years. Dwarf stars burn much slowly and can live for several billion or even trillion years – plenty of time for biological processes to take place. This really is an exciting time in astronomy.



Lutton Churchwardens:  Pat Saxton Tel: 364084; Joyce Mayne:


Sunday 5 March: 11.00am Holy Communion with Revd Alan Fiddyment

Sunday 12 March: 11.00am Morning Prayer with Parish Ministry Team

Sunday 19 March: 9.30 am Holy Communion: Fr Jonathan Sibley

                           11.00 am Morning Prayer: Parish Ministry Team

Sunday 26 March: 11.00 am Extended Communion with Parish Ministry Team

Sunday 2 April: 11.00am Holy Communion with Revd Alan Fiddyment

Children’s Workshop / Activity Day

All children are welcome to join in the varied activities on Saturday 4 March in Lutton Village Hall between 11am and 3pm.  There will be plenty to do and lunch is provided.

Spring Fayre

This year our Spring Fayre again takes place in St Mary’s Church Hall from 10.00am to 12.00 noon on Saturday 18 March with lots of stalls, raffle and refreshments.  Tables are available to book – contact Pat on 364084.  Please come and support us.  Money raised is for Lutton Church.

Lutton Church Building Restoration

As mentioned last month, work should now be underway on the South Aisle Roof, the Bell Tower Louvres and a number of other works within the Church.

Annual Vestry & Parochial Church Meeting

The Annual Meetings will be on Wednesday 19 April at 7.00 pm in Church beginning with Holy Communion.  All who live in the Parish are welcome to attend.

Mothers' Union

At our meeting in February, Cathie led us in Bible Study and Prayer.  On Tuesday, 7 March, we meet at 2.30 pm for our AGM, when the Branch Leader and Treasurer present their Annual Reports. At this Meeting, the David Sizer  will be our speaker on the subject "The Seven Titles of Jesus",  which promises to be extremely interesting.  On Tuesday, 4 April we have a change to the planned speaker, details to be confirmed. Both meetings will be at Greylands, courtesy of Joyce.

Saturday 25 March is Lady Day and Members from other Branches will join us for a service in Lutton Village Hall for a service, details to be confirmed.
Little Nics Mothers and Toddlers Group continues to meet in the Village Hall every Wednesday at 10.30 am for 1 hour, except for school holidays.  Come along with your little ones and enjoy a cuppa, a chat, and a warm welcome.

Lutton Village Hall Events update

Lutton Village Hall 100 Club – the draw takes place once a month – 1st Prize £15, 2nd Prize £10 and 3rd Prize £5.  In December there is only one draw and that is for £50.  It costs £12 for the year to join, if you are interested please ring 01406 363699 or 01406 366848 to join or for more details.  The money from the 100 Club goes towards the upkeep of Lutton Village Hall.  Winners for January 2017 were: L Morgan, M Keeble and N Thomas.

Lutton Village Hall Coffee Morning – If the coffee mornings start up again it will be on a rota system.  For more information telephone Jenny on 01406 366848 or read the poster on the notice board inside the village hall.  The money from the Coffee Mornings goes towards the upkeep of Lutton Village Hall.

Lutton Church Cleaning Rota

For Sunday:        5 March - Mandy Tolliday

                   12 March - Bernice Williams

                   19 March - Marion Butterfield

                   26 March - Cathie Whenman

                   2 April - Joyce Mayne

Flower Rota

No flowers in Lent



Churchwardens:  Philip and Cynthia Causer - Tel. No. 01406 365947


Sunday     5th March     10am       Morning Prayer      Philip Causer

Sunday   12th March   10.30am    Morning Prayer      Dr. Peter Gorton

Sunday   19th March     11am       Holy Communion   Revd. A Fiddyment

Sunday   26th March     10am       Extended Communion

Sunday     2nd April       10am       Morning Prayer      Philip Causer


Father Jonathan chaired a meeting of the Parochial Church Council on 19th January and he thanked Mary Bills for hosting the meeting at her home. The date of the Annual Meeting has been fixed for Thursday, 20th April at 10.30am at the church.


At the January meeting, a short service was led by the Reverend Michaela Dean followed by the Annual Meeting. Rusty Lewis thanked Janice Moulis for her work as treasurer of the branch and members for their support during the past year. The next meeting will take place at Deans Farmhouse on Monday, 27th March at 7pm. This year the Area Lady Day Service will be held on Saturday, 25th March at 2pm at Lutton Village Hall.


Members meet at the village hall on the second and fourth Wednesday afternoon in the month at 2pm. The dates in March will be 8th and 22nd and new members are welcome.


This event is held at the village hall on the first Wednesday in each month and the next one will take place on 1st March. All are welcome to come for a friendly evening out when the caller will be Johnny Disdel and doors will open at 6.30pm with eyes down at 7.30pm.


A meeting was held at the Rising Sun on Tuesday, 14th February. Future plans for events were discussed, including the popular Annual Vintage Vehicle Show and Fete at Dawsmere playing field on Armed Forces Day, 24th June. This will be a fun day for all the family so please put this date in your diary. Also for your diary is Sunday Afternoon Bingo which will take place at Gedney Dyke Village Hall on 9th April at 2pm.


Please contact Vicki Bills on 01406 550752 or Pam Disdel on 01406 550208 for enquiries and to hire the hall.

YOUTH CLUB takes place at the village hall each Friday from 6pm and includes sessions for members, 5 to 17 years of age.

Our prayers are for the bereaved in this community and the local area, for the sick or depressed, those undergoing hospital treatments, the lonely and the residents and staff in the local care homes.



Free English conversation and life skills classes Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Friends Room at the Market House in the afternoon or evening for times and more information please contact tutor Kay Morley on 01406 363738.




Weds 1st   Ash Wednesday – our keeping of Lent

Thurs 2nd   Those who work from our local hospitals and health centres

Fri 3rd         Women’s Day of Prayer from the Phillipines

Sat 4th        St. David- the people and church in Wales

Sun 5th       For St. Nicholas, Lutton and their South Aisle Roof

Mon 6th      Preparations for celebrating St. Mary’s 850th anniversary

Tues 7th     The health service and local health centres

Weds 8th    Bishop Edward King – his legacy to the church

Thurs 9th    Local schools

Fri 10th       Preparations for St. Mary’s Flower Festival

Sat 11th      For our discipleship Pilgrim Course

Sun 12th     The instability of the world because of the President of the USA

Mon 13th    Ongoing discussions between the UK and Europe over Brexit

Tues 14th   The place of foreign workers in the UK

Weds 15th  Those who work in strategic and environmental planning

Thurs 16th  Emergency planning in the county

Fri 17th       St. Patrick – the people and church in Ireland

Sat 18th      Diocesan Synod

Sun 19th     St. Joseph – those who work in the building and design industries

Mon 20th    The church in Jerusalem

Tues 21st   The Archbishop of Canterbury

Weds 22nd For Rev. Nic Hasnip and the Long Sutton Baptist Church

Thurs 23rd  For Justine, Archdeacon of Boston

Fri 24th       The persecuted church

Sat 25th      The Annunciation to Mary

Sun 26th     Mothering Sunday – all mothers

Mon 27th    For those exploring baptism and the Christian faith

Tues 28th   Dr Rowan Williams – social issues – Mental health

Weds 29th  Bishop Nicholas of Grantham

Thurs 30th  The implications of Brexit on rural life

Fri 31st        Christine – the Dean of Lincoln Cathedral


Sat 1st        For the British Legion

Sun 2nd      For those preparing for marriage this year